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Sunnny K I


Screen Name :Sunny k I
Original Name : Sangamesh KI
Phone :
Cell : 9740037388, 9632812465, 9448950098
Email :
Address : #505, 5th Floor, Jabbar Appartments, Rashtra Pathi Road, Secunderabad


Number of films : 14

Prominent films : A.k 47, Veedera Police, Billa Ranga, Acted as a Child Artist. Ilamai Naatkal Which is going to be Dubbed in Telugu. Movie Directed by Vikraman.

Awards : 49th Film Fans Awards Chennai Best Child Artist year 1999

Stage experience : 2

First film

Year : 1999

Film : A.K. 47

Director : Om sai Prakash

Producer : Ramu

Banner : Ramu Enterprises

Charector : Singh as a Child Artist


College : BCA


Mother tongue : Telugu

Other languages : Kannada, Tamil, English, Hindi

Personal info

Original name : Sangamesh KI

screen name : Sunny k I

Other name : Sunny

Place of birth : Bellary

Father's name : Kamalakar I.D

Mother's name : D.Pushpalatha

Contact Details

Cellphone: : 9740037388, 9632812465, 9448950098

e-mail :

Address : #505, 5th Floor, Jabbar Appartments, Rashtra Pathi Road, Secunderabad

State : Andhra Pradesh

Other info

Memorable events : Acting with Mr Sai kumar During A.K.47 Shoot First Film.

Other activities : Interested in Script and Story Writing, BCA Pursuing.

Other : Interested in Acting, Dance, B Boeing. Trying to make a Mysterious Thrilling Stories for movies as a Hobby.


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