Story-line of "Soggaade Chinni Nayana"leaked


Akkineni-NagarjunaNo one knows how would such news come out but, as per the buzz in film nagar at present, it is said to be believed that King Nagarjuna’s next flick “Soggaade Chinni Nayana” is released.
It is known to our readers that Nagarjuna has given his nod to a project by a newcomer Kalyan Krishna. We have already said that the movie will run in the backdrop of a village and Nagarjuna will be seen in two different roles. Nagarjuna in an interview revealed that the film will be a shocking subject just like Manam and will be produced by himself on Annapurna Studios. We have managed to get a sniff about the movie subject.

Nagarjuna will be seen as Grand father and Grand son in the film. One of them is a womanizer and the other is a big hater of women. Ramya Krishna will be seen as one heroine and the other heroine is yet to be decided. Ramya Krishna will be making a comeback to films after a long time. She paired up with Nagarjuna in several movies during his prime. Sources tell us that the makers are considering ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ as the title of the film. ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ is the starting lyric of Legend ANR’s Asthiparulu movie.

The song composed by KV Mahadevan in 1966 was a chart buster song back then. Using ANR’s song as movie titles is not any new for Akkineni family, Naga Chaitanya’s next Oka Laila Kosam is also derived from the starting lyric of Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s Chartbuster song from Ramudu Kaadhu Krishnudu movie, which released in 1983. Nagarjuna had taken a long gap after the release and success of Manam. He shot for a very successful season of his TV debut, Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu and is gearing up for his next film now. There were rumours that he will do a film with Uyyala Jampala director or Srinivas Avasarala but Nagarjuna himself confirmed that this film with Kalyan Krishna will be his next.


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