Star heroine filed a case on her ex boyfriend


Aseem-MerchantThis news is now creating enough buzz in B-town. A former boyfriend of star heroine Priyanka Chopra has to now face legal troubles with our sexy siren deciding to drag him to court. In a bid to make the makers of her biopic drop their plans, Priyanka has filed a legal suite now. Check the story.

All these days Priyanka’s ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant is busy planning stuff to produce a movie that revolves around the life story of one celebrity manager named Prakash Jaju. This particular manager used to work for Priyanka long back until our heroine has fought with him for reasons unknown and sent him to jail for 67 days in 2008. Aseem happens to be Priyanka’s boyfriend when she was crowned Miss World in 2000 and he has now decided to make a movie titled ’67 Days’ with Prakash Jaju’s story.

Though our dusky seductress has stated that she got no objections for that flick, she has now sent a legal notice demanding to stop making this movie, and also demanded an apology from Aseem Merchant for trying to produce the flick. However manager Prakash Jaju said that the film is about him but not about Priyanka.

Dear Priyanak, why are you so worried when Prakash Jaju has clearly stated that the movie is all about his life but not yours. Any interesting things being hidden since all these years? Are you scared about those things might get revealed? Speak out baby.


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