Star hero sets up a gym in his bedrooms


Star-Hero-converts-2-Bedrooms-in-House-into-GYM-1959We all know that how big fitness freak is Hrithik Roshan. Right from his maiden flick “Kaho na pyaar hain” released, Hrithik has been in news for his toned body,which he still takes care of his fitness and works out everyday without fail.

As per the reports, 7 Months Ago, Hrithik Roshan purchased a posh flat in Prime Beach of Juhu, Mumbai. The place was later customized to suit the taste of the Superstar. Hrithik made sure there is a wall in between the four bedroom and this is where his gym will exist.

Hrithik has got the habit of doing workouts with his parents Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan. The family have a professional gym on their terrace of their home. Now, Hrithik wants equally good gymnasium at his new flat too.

A doting father, Hrithik allots one of the two remaining bedrooms to his two sons and it was readied for them. Well as Suzanne khan divorced the star, bedrooms might not be of a big use for Hrithik,jokes his close pals.


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