Star director discharged from hospital


Director AR Murugadoss StillsIt is already learnt that ace director of Kollywood and Bollywood, A.R Murugadoss who was admitted in the hospital couple of days ago was discharged in the evening yesterday. Murugadoss actually fainted on the sets of “Katthi” due to some food poisoning, and was rushed to a near by hospital.

As the health condition improved, Doctors have discharged him a short while ago and he was advised to take bed rest for one day.

Murugadoss wrote: “Discharged from Hospital.. Thank you doctors, my crew, friends.. Special thanks to Kovai Vijaysir fans for your prayers.”

Sources close to the unit say, Murugadoss will be taking rest on Thursday and will be joining the ‘Kaththi’ final schedule in Hyderabad within couple of days.

‘Kaththi’ stars Vijay and Samantha in lead roles. Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is playing the main villain in the movie. This stylish flick is expected to release in December this year.


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