Srinu Vytla did it again


srinu-vaitla-sensational-comments-on-jr-ntr-nani-25461267We all know the how the ace director Srinu Vytla reacts on the people he dislikes . We have been seeing that in his every film almost. He simply takes on those people who disturbs him. Here he does that again in “Aagadu”.This time its none other than the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma himself.

Yes he did,just like his previous films Baadshah and Dookudu, Sreenu has again taken on Ram Gopal Varma. But this time, it’s more open and direct attack. In his just released Aagadu, there are dialogues that point out at Ram Gopal Varma’s “craving for publicity” and his “twitter addiction”.

Though Vaitla did something similar in Dookudu (Satires on Sequels) and Baadshah (MS Narayana’s character as filmmaker), they have gone unnoticed without much controversy as there was no direct reference in them. Looks like, Vaitla is looking forward to spark off a controversy by stirring up a hornet’s nest called Ram Gopal Varma. Let’s wait and see Ramu’s reaction.


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