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Break-Up-is-equal-to-Stabbing-With-Knife--Star-Hero-1859Ask anyone in Kollywood that who is the star that has affairs with maximum number of heroines in the industry. Any random person from Kollywood would answer “Simbu” without any hesitation. We have already seen many of such incidents in the past. He has been in the headlines right from the beginning of his career for such reasons,but he never seem to have opened his mouth and made any comments on his affairs.

But here he goes,for the first time ever, Tamil hero Simbhu reacted on his break-ups with actresses Nayantara and Hansika. “When we are stabbed with knife for the first time, We hear for our life. Facing it for the second time isn’t a big deal. I don’t take it seriously. What’s there is our hands? I am just an actor and god is the director. I hope something good comes out of it,” he responds when asked about his love failures.

The Playboy Hero claims he is more comfortable working with Trisha rather than his former lovers Nayantara and Hansika. He reminds their pairing has been appreciated by film lovers in ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ Tamil remake and they are more like good friends.

Simbhu appeals his fans not to cross swords with Dhanush fans and vice versa. Stating that he share a cordial relation with the Skinny Hero, Simbhu asks fans to be end their differences and respect other actors as well.

Surprisingly, Simbhu wishes to actively participate in social service for the next 30 years from now. He, however, clarifies there is no hidden agenda of joining politics behind this move.

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