Shruti suffers under scorching sun


sruthi hassanMen themselves are not able to bear the heat these days. How come a sensitive and gorgeous girl like Shruthi Hasan can bear it? Yes, she is literally suffering under the scorching sun at out door shoot of a bollywood flick. Temperatures are soaring across India and in North mercury is touching 50 degrees. Shruti Hasan is currently shooting in Dehradun for her upcoming film Bollywood entertainer Yaara. Shruti will be playing the role of a mother in the film which stars Vidyut Jamwal and Irfan Khan.

Shruti sharing her torture wonder “Why is it so hot in dehradun??? “. Shruti is doing special song in Aagadu and is the lead heroine in Mahesh-Koratala project. She is also starring in Poojai in Tamil and Welcome Back and Gabbar in Bollywood.

Don’t get to used to AC that much baby, feel the heat some times.


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