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Shruthi Hasan's cheque bounced?


Sruthi HassanShocking news isn’t it? Of course, who can believe that a star heroine’s cheque get bounced ?If what we are hearing from Mumbai sources is trued, then curvaceous beauty Shruti Haasan is in trouble over a bounced . While the actress is earning huge at the moment, seems like a bad money management is hitting her hard. Check this story.

Recently Shruti has purchased a lavish luxury flat in the posh suburbs of Andheri where top Bollywood celebs reside. For an actress who is still struggling to get her position firm in the Hindi movie heartland, buying an apartment in such area is a mammoth task for sure when it comes to money. However Shruti pooled the money on her own and took the rest from bank as a Home loan.

But it is heard that a cheque given by the actress to bank authorities got bounced, much to their surprise. We have to see what Shruti Haasan will say about this.

Hey girl, what’s going on dear? How come your cheque gets bounced? speak out .


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