Shraddha sets youth on fire


shraddha kapoorWe all have witnessed how big she made with her very debut movie”Aashiqui-2″. She shot to limelight with that flick overnight and grabbed everyone’s attention. Yes, it is all about her, popular Villian’s daughter, Shradda Kapoor. She is trying to shed her good-girl image of Aashiqi 2 and proving herself as a scorching queen who could give maximum kick to men than anyone else. Here comes another such attempt of her for latest issue of GQ magazine after her recent bikini-shoot for another magazine.

Showcasing her incredibly toned body in a skin hugging inner-wear kind garment, Shradda Kapoor makes sure that her endless legs and cute cleavage get the maximum attention. All these days she has been hiding her fitting figure and now decided to throw away that homely-beauty image. In these outfits she is looking like a p@rn actress too, say few beauty lovers. Whatever it maybe, get yourself a hot treatment in the wet monsoon season with Shradda’s exaggerated sexiness like never before.

Undoubtedly she kills youngsters with her sexy curves and make everyone run behind her. Way to go dear.


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