SHE was tensed to work with HIM!


vidhya_balan0109_post_1330425688Vidya Pradeep is a model and an upcoming actress who was seen in director Vijay’s Saivam. She is also working in Suriya’s home production film Haiku directed by Pandiraj where the 7aum Arivu hero is making a cameo appearance. Vidya is one of the leads in Haiku and has an interesting role with a good mix of humor and emotions.

The young actress on her experience working with Suriya states, “I was overwhelmed when I saw my favorite star Suriya for the first time on the sets of Haiku. The same day I had shots with him and I was very much excited and tensed too. I told him that I am his biggest fan. He was so humble and extremely cool to work with. On the last day of shoot he appreciated and said that I have done a good job. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to work with Suriya sir and the most wonderful director Pandiraj Sir and DOP Balasubramaniam Sir”.


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