Sexy siren charges bomb for her next?


Sruthi HassanMovie after movie, she is making it really big in terms of her remuneration per film . Wonder ,whom we are talking about? It her,who was considered to be an iron leg both in Bollywood and Kollywood at the beginning of her career. And now, she has become the golden leg for the producers and heroes. She is none other than the seductress Shruthi Hasan.

If the sources are to be believed, Shruti Haasan was paid Rs 2 crore for her upcoming flick with Mahesh Babu under Koratala Siva’s direction. This makes her the highest paid actress in Telugu Film Industry and even the most successful Samantha is trailing behind her!

Post the tremendous success of ‘Race Gurram’ and after being voted as Times Most Desirable Woman, Shruti Haasan hiked her remuneration and none of the producers who wishes to rope her for their films don’t have any problem what-so-ever because she is a crowd puller. Reports say, She charged a whooping Rs 3 crore for the socio-fantasy flick with Tamil star Vijay. That’s shows she is also the most sought after actress in Tamil as well.

It is learnt that it was Mahesh Babu who suggested the name of Shruti Haasan for the item number in ‘Aagadu’ after her dancing skills in ‘Cinema Choopistha Mama’ in ‘Race Gurram’. He is also highly impressed with the acting prowess and oomph factor of the Haasan Girl who adds a lot of value to the project. Superstar is confident that they make a great pair and hence didn’t take much time to give his nod when Koratala Siva suggested the name of Shruti as the female lead. Hope, It becomes a hit-combo!


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