Sexy pair back in the news again


Rana and TrishaWe have already learnt on many occasions that, there is definitely something between Tollywood handsome hunk Daggubati Rana and Chennai sexy siren Trisha. Even recently at Subaramireddy event,where there are seen holding their hand in hand,which naturally caught the media attention. Now the latest buzz is that, our hunk hero is a regular visitor to this dusky siren’s home in Chennai. Also it is buzzed that her mom Uma too approved of the relation, as Rana could speak fluent Tamil and there is no question of any lingo barrier.

Both Rana and Trisha have always maintained that they are good friends but nothing beyond that. Our Daggubati heir also claimed couple of times that media is not publishing his clarity over the rumors, but just magnifying the rumors hundreds of times. Anyway, after being caught hand-in-hand at K Raghavendra Rao’s son Prakash wedding reception, there are many explanations regarding Rana’s daring appearance along with Trisha. If not there is some affair, why would both appear together at a function where who is who of Tollywood has arrived.

Commenting on the whole happening, Trisha said, ‘I promise I’ll give everyone a heads up when I decided to get married. Until then, there is nothing’. But their joint appearance at a celebrated unit has anyway given us ample clarity of what’s going on. So..thats the news as of now about this hot and sexy pair folks.


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