Sexy lady sizzles at Oxford


mallikasherawatWe will definitely have to search for appropriate synonyms to mention about this sexy lady. The words like “bombshell’ find a perfect synonym in names like ‘Mallika Sherwat’ for sure. When it comes to going with tiniest outfits on silver screen, the only way to get that perfect glamour is to rope in this hot lady. But how come Oxford University is excited about her?How is she related to Oxford University? Want to know? Just read on.

If we talk about heroines like Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen and Madhuri Dixit, they are all icons who elevated the symbol of sexism to new level and at the same time they broke shackles to become finest actors Indian cinema has ever seen. Compared with them, Mallika Sherawat is nothing in terms of intellectual, charity or acting. Except sizzling on silver screens in bikini outfits and locking lips with heroes, never this hot lady has shown her talent in acting. But still she grabbed some international projects much to our amusement. In the same way she is sizzling at Oxford now.

Mallika is invited as a special guest to debate on gender-related debate at Oxford University re-union meet for which scholars and genuinely talented people from all over the world are invited generally. Let’s not get into core, but our bombshell is at Oxford now!

No one knows what Mallika babe talks about the topic that she is given to debate but, one thing is for sure that she can manage to pull it off with her stunning curves.


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