Sexy lady scared to death


Charmy -Hot-Stills-from-Mangala -Movie-Stills  (3)Life is completely uncertain these days.We never know what happens when,adn this is experienced by hot girl Charmee Kaur today in the morning when she was flying to Vizag. Check this story out.

This Monday is not a regular day for actress Charmi Kaur as she has got a shock of her life. Charmi had a miraculous escape when the flight she was traveling in apparently descended to 100 feet down at first and further dropped its height making her believe that it was her “last breath”. Thankfully, the talented heroine is unhurt, fine as the flight later landed safely.

Sharing her worst-ever experience, Charmi posted on twitter, “In vizaak .. Had the most scary experience on my indigo flight .. Looks like flight dropped dwn suddenly for few 100 feet ,not only my tea but all flew up in d air … I really thought this was THE END .. Den flight dropped agn ,n i was sure this was my LAST BREATH ..But no .. I m safe but still not able to believe tat I M ON GROUND !! V never know ,so LETS JUST LIVE IT FULLY !!!”

That is the message this sexy girl has to give…any comments on this folks?


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