Sexy girls worried about pics leakage


Jennifer-LawrenceEvery person seeks some privacy for themselves. Especially, film celebrities definitely seek some personal space for themselves. Due to their public image, they find it hard to go to public places at their free will. . All the celebrities ,especially heroines take their own pics and share few on public portals and save a few for themselves,which they think its too private.

But recently, Leakage of personal pictures stored on mobile phones and online cloud storage servers has created panic in Hollywood circles. Even noted Telugu heroines are also upset with his happening, as they fear about getting hacked and falling prey is just steps away.

World-popular actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton suffered embarrassment when their personal pictures are leaked online. Tollywood’s top starlets like Tamanna and Samantha have responded on this alleged crime already. ‘I hate when people morph pictures and release. And now they are leaking personal pictures too. Cyber laws should be stringent and culprits should be punished immediately’, Tamanna said. However, some heroines are having more worries if at all their personal pictures get leaked.

‘While shopping abroad, we may click our pictures trying bikinis and lingerie in trial rooms. Also after a hard-day workout at gym, we click pictures semi-nude to check out curves. What if all those pictures get leaked? I can’t imagine’, a ‘charming’ heroine shared. Another Telugu siren who says no to exposing on silver-screen says, ‘I wear modern outfits at home, and click selfies a lot. If they are exposed, then my good-girl image is gone’.

Don’t you think they have a point folks?


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