Sexy girl riding high in joy


Rakul PreetShe can’t ask for anything better than this ….does she? Yes..we are discussing about Rakul Preet singh, who sizzled in her debut “Venkatadri Express” and caught industry’s attention over night. No she seems to be on a signing spree these days in Telugu and with just one hit to her credit, she has already become one of the most sought after actresses today. The latest news is that she has replaced Hansika in Ram’s upcoming film Pandaga Chesko. Gopichand Malineni is going to direct the film and it’ll be produced by Parachuri Prasad.

Although Hansika and Ram were excited about repeating their chemistry from Kandireega in this film, Hansika had to drop out due to clash of dates. She is shooting non-stop for several films in Tamil and in Telugu, she has Ravi Teja’s Power to her credit. On the other hand, Rakul is quite thrilled about pairing up with Ram and she’ll be playing the main lead’s role opposite Ram. Most part of the film will be shot in the US. Apart from this film, Rakul Preet is also part of Manchu Manoj’s next film, tentatively titled Current Theega and an untitled film starring Gopichand.

Enjoy the success swing baby….you still got a long way to go….


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