Sexy beauty in marriage plans?


Ileana photoThis news could turn out to be a real shocker for curvaceous beauty Ileana,as it is being said that this hot beauty from Goa is planning to marry soon it-seems. ileana rocked Tollywood a few years back. She has acted beside almost all the star heroes in T-town. Later after experiencing a few bad films,she slowly moved on to Bollywood,where she just started to excel in her own style.

Till now,this sexy beauty used to rubbish any news on her marriage. But it comes to know that, in recent times she is reveling her marriage plans though no one asked. In a talk with Friends Ileana expressed her thoughts on the marriage event. As per them Ileana interested to do her marriage in a simple manner in beach without slippers, in the presence of close friends, relatives and family members. Ileana words surprised everyone. Might be Ileana is planning to enter into relationship. In recent times she has been flashing with her Boyfriend in Mumbai clubs adding strength to these speculations.
Currently Ileana is busy with shooting of Happy Ending in Bollywood. In this movie she is casting opposite to Saif Ali Khan. She have many expectation on the movie success to grab more opportunities.


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