Sexy beauty demands Rs 7.5 crore for Half Day??


Few things remain just unbelievable and this is one of them says critics. No one needs to teach these glamour dolls to make hay while sun shines. Especially, for Southern beauty Deepika Padukone. Because, these days, Actresses are demanding pay packages on par with Star Heroes. This is so true! Deepika Padukone stands as a best example for this change.

Apparently, Deepika demanded Rs 7.5 crore as remuneration for a Half Day shoot of a brand and also for being its endorser. This is Rs 1.5 crore hike from the endorsement fee she charged in 2013. After scoring a series of super hits in the past one year, She is now on a mission to capitalize on her stardom. Even Deepika is the highest paid actress when it comes to film assignments. She is quoting Rs 8-12 crore per film in the recent past.

Heroes Brand Value: Salman Khan: Rs 8-9 crore; Shahrukh Khan: Rs 7-9 crore; Aamir Khan: Rs 8 crore

Heroines Brand Value: Deepika Padukone: Rs 7.5 crore; Katrina Kaif: Rs 5 crore; Aishwarya Rai: Rs 4.5 crore; Priyanka Chopra: Rs 4 crore; Anushka Sharma: Rs 3 crore; Vidya Balan: Rs 2 crore; Kareena Kapoor: Rs 1.25 crore.

What an exciting career isn’t it? If not movies, endorsements. If not endorsements,game shows. If not game shows, shopping malls openings…if not openings, shh…..we shouldn’t discuss about that.


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