Sexy babe eyeing on T-town again?


Ileana-eyes-on-tollywood-1567Is that a common practice to all the glamour queens of South and North to comment on Tollywood after they part their ways to Bollywood? God knows. But ,we have seen many heroines in the past who were shot to fame through Tollywood and earning billions here. And they simply forget what Tollywood has given to them and make comments back or they just ignore it.

Curvaceous Ileana has also done the same in the past. There was a time when a few producers literally back of her,Ileana never cared for them and simply rejected every big and small offer that came her way. Citing Bollywood chances,Ileana stopped committing to Telugu films.

She tried her luck in B-town with few films but nothing fetched her much. And now she is lacking opportunities there,hence she is eyeing on Tollywood once again. On her latest appearance in a private function, she looked like this .She again kept weight and looking with all needed fab in appropriate places.

Ileana says that Tollywood is the best place to work in,provided a chance she wants to make a strong comeback in T-town soon. Does this really attract any director or producer?


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