Sex star speaks about her personal life


bollywood-sunny-leoneOne and only most happening star in Bollywood at present, Sunny Leone has opened up to share few things with the media related to her personal life. Sunny admits that she is in love with her dance. Sunny leone is playing some quality top item songs of B-town and gaining huge craze for her dance and item songs she reveals that she is very much interested in doing more dance for item songs.

“It’s always a challenge for me to dance. But I had a great time with this song. I have grown as a dancer. I am enjoying this lovely phase of my life. A blissful married life, a good professional life… What more do I need? Also, I always involve myself in doing my job to the best of my abilities… There is only love, work and peace around me. With everything positive, why will I not enjoy life?” she says. “I have no specific beauty tips,” she says, adding, “I just eat healthy and like to keep a positive atmosphere around me. At times, if I get some negative vibes from people around me, which I can usually read on their faces, I do not argue or fight. I just move out from there. These things keep me beautiful.”

Good girl Sunny. Keep this attitude up and no doubts you will see heights in Bollywood in no time


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