All set for Akhil's full length debut?


Akhil-AkkineniWondered ? like, what is this full length debut all about right? Here is the story then…just read on.
We all have witnessed that most awaited debut of Akhil has been done by “Manam”. He just flashed in the last reel of the movie and rendered a couple of dialogues. But do we really have to consider that to be his proper debut ? We can’t right?

Technically speaking, Akhil’s debut has been done…but lets not consider that…because his proper and full length debut as hero seems to be finalized.

Nagarjuna stated many times that he will think about Akhil’s debut only after ‘Manam’ release. As he knows the fact they are going to introduce the youngster with the family-starrer, Nag kept everything under wraps. Now that Manam got released, one wonders who will be launching Akhil. According to what we hear from sources in Annapurna Studios, already director Deva Katta started working on a story to direct Akhil’s debut movie as a hero.

During the post-production of Auto Nagar Surya, Deva was heard impressing Nag with a commercial story line and he is developing the same into a big 2 hours story now. Once Deva Ketta gets approval for the final draft, he will be going ahead for the shoot. Let us see how far this holds well.

But one would wonder why did Nag opeted for Deva Katta, as he has not proved himself much in the industry so far. Anyways, If Nag decides..that is it. Let us see, what can Deva do .


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