Is Samantha turning out to be sexy diva?


Samantha Photo Shoot for JFW Photos (5)One would get the same doubt after watching Samantha going to maximum extent by flaunting her sexy structure in a two piece bikini for “Anjaan”. This cute looking girl from Kollywood was actually limited to only lip locks,but she seems to have changed her gears in the recent past and going beyond the boundaries day by day.

After becoming cynosure of all eyes with her mind blowing two piece treat in ‘Anjaan’, she has upped style stakes in Kollywood. Posing seductively for a Chennai based magazine, Samantha now dares with another hot show.

Already her Greek-sculpture like on the cover of page ‘Just for Women’ (JFW) latest edition has blown minds. Adding more fuel to the dazzling fire, Samantha puts up a fantastic cleavage show, giving a beautiful side-view of her bosom in designer dress that hangs just on one shoulder and cut right in front. Undoubtedly this is clear challenge to all the competitors out there. The statement reads, nothing could match Samantha’s daring glamour shows.

Many of Samantha’s fans are very much worried by Samantha’s acts,fearing that if she ends up as a most wanted item girl at the end of the day. There is a point to be noted…isn’t it?


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