Samantha and Siddardh caught in public


Sid-Sam-Lucia647x450As any one that who is the hottest pair now in Kollywood,and the names that come out from everyone is Samantha -Siddardh. There have been lot of rumors that are spread around these Love Birds that they are planning to part their ways.
But to everyone’s suprise, Siddharth and Samantha were once again snapped together. This time, Samantha attended the audio release of Siddharth’s upcoming Tamil movie, Enakkul Oruvan’ in Chennai. Both of them seated side by side and were seen sharing several sweet nothings moments. The film is the remake of Super hit Kannada film, Lucia.

The film deals with the world of lucid dreaming. The hero of the film starts experiencing such dreams after consuming a pill by the name Lucia. As the film progresses, the lines between dream and reality start to blur. Siddharth and Samantha are said to be in relationship with each other. However both of them always try to avoid answering questions of their relation. Recently in one of his interview, Siddharth said, it is extremely personal.

He also added that, I do not owe an answer to anyone except my parents. On the other side, there are rumors in media that Samantha, has moved into Siddharth’s home in Chennai and even has his dad, take over as her manager.


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