Why not Samantha Bikini scene scissored?


Samantha-bikini-photosThis is quite an interesting news for movie buffs. We have been witnessing how harsh those censor board members are on sexy scenes and glamor shedding stars these days. Censor board has been acting so strict ,when it comes to intimate scenes and heroines tiny outfits. They are not bearing any vulgarity these days. But every one got a doubt when Samantha bikini scene got escaped from censor in Anjan(Sikinder in Telugu). This is the story behind it..read on.

Apparently news is doing rounds that arrested Censor Board CEO Rakesh Kumar has taken bribes regarding ‘Anjaan’. CBI officials revealed that Rakesh took bribes for allowing special screening of ‘Anjaan’ at Infinity Mall in Chennai much before Censor Certificate was issued. Examining members saw Anjaan on July 30 and Certificate was issued on August 5th, but a special screening happened on August 1st. To allow this, Rakesh demanded a Lenovo laptop, iPad and 50,000 rupees cash, say reports.

Contrary to this news, it is also being heard that Rakesh took bribe to certify Anjaan. And this rumor looks believable as none of the glamour splashing scenes of Samantha were neither chopped nor blurred. We have to see what makers of Anjaan has to say about this.

Do producers and director really have to do such cheap things for their movies? Where are we heading to actually?


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