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Saivam goes global !!!


Saivam goes globalDirector Vijay’s dream project ‘Saivam’ has two top Hollywood names, Marti Humphrey and Chris Jacobson the audio engineers in its technical crew list. They have earlier worked in Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ too.
The two technicians who have seen many movies of fantasy and fiction in Hollywood found it hard to believe that the family harmony which is all over ‘Saivam’ still exists in India. “We would like to visit your country as your guest,” the duo intimated to director Vijay on one condition, “Please don’t insert your title theme in our menu.” Director Vijay heartily laughed and said, ‘The title theme is the soul of the movie, and being the principle technicians of this movie you are bound to abide by it,’ he said. Director Vijay was overwhelmed by the response that was accorded and thanked Raja Krishnan and Kunal Rajan, sound engineers.


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