Rowdy Movie Review

First say :
A good attempt by RGV but not so sincere one though
Never expect any story in Ram Gopal Varma’s films. It is again proved that RGV never needs a story now unlike in the beginning of his career. His latest “Rowdy” also has no solid story in it. It is a drama  based on Rayalaseema factions ,where two groups keep killing each other with effervescence to take revenge for their loss occurred by the opposite group. The reason behind this war is “Nandavaram “project,which is surprisingly not established in the story at all. Mohan Babu who played “Anna” role is a factionist ,who fights for a good cause in the favor of common public of his town. The opposite group’s leader KR , an industrialist whose interest is to make sure that Nandavaram project is completed for his financial gain. Anna strongly opposes KR in that regards, and make sure the project is never begun. Which leads to the enmity with Anna,hence KR wants to get rid of Anna in order to finish “Nandavaram” project soon.
Manchu Vishnu takes up the responsibility of his father, when Anna is severely attacked by KR group. How did he move on since then, and what he did at the end is rest of the story.
Action :
“Rowdy” is an out and out Mohanbabu’s magic. Of course, Jayasudha, Manchu Vishnu, Shanvi, Kishore ,Tanikella Bharani and the rest have also done their job very well. Especially the complete run was handled well ,all alone by Mohan babu with his lively performance ,acted without a wig, which left a natural impact . Scenes between the real life father -son duo,Mohanbabu-Vishnu Manchu came very well.
After a stream of a routine commercial films,”Rowdy” gives a different feel to the audience watching MohanBabu and Vishnu in action packed characters afterf a long time.
Jayasudha has done total justification to her character. And Bharani, who played Vedam character in the film stole the show too with his funny and witty dialogues. Playing such characters is a cake walk for him , as he has done many roles as such earlier.
Shanvi, is restricted to a few scenes and a hot number “Nee meeda Ottu…” which is purely an RGV ‘s trademark picturization exposing her to the core.
Music :
Sai Kartheek, who is on a roll of signing the films these days, has given some good back ground score ,which is of course dominated the dialgoues on a few occasions though. Over all, “Rowdy” will be a definite feather added to his crown, after “Paisa” which also was critically acclaimed for his lovely tracks and decent back ground scores for the film.
RGV seems to have got back onto the track with Raktacharitra-1,though the second part of it was bombed at the box office. But then again, he lost it all and delivered a few flops like  Dongala Mutha ,though “Appalraju” has done an average job. But now, he  seems to have geared up with “Rowdy” , but as usually not upto his caliber. He could have written Anna’s role more stronger. Mohanbabu is known for his dialogues…which weren’t sufficient enough in “Rowdy” for fans to whistle and clap in theaters. But in few scenes, dialogues were good.
RGV should have concentrated more on the story, rather than just depending on the packed action sequences and blood shed scenes. Audience felt so bored in the middle of the story in first half, which lacked pace . Few scnes have resembled “Rakta Charitra” by default.
Final Verdict:
A definite one time watch for general public.And for Manchu fans, one can afford to watch it a copule of times exclusively for Mohanbabu.

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