"Rowdy fellow" started teasing


Rowdy fellow started teasingNara Rohit, one of the most underrated heroes of Telugu Cinema. There won’t be any hype for his movies.No one gets that frequent updates of his professional or personal life. No one expects that he can create wonders in terms of acting or opening collections. Yet, this young lad has got huge fan base among families and ladies. Nara Rohit has been choosy to select the stories. Reason why he could deliver different genre films so far.

‘Rowdy Fellow’ is the latest movie in the offing by Nara Rohit post the success of his latest release ‘Prathinidi’ and his whirlwind tour as part of TDP’s election campaign. The first teaser poster of ‘Rowdy Fellow’ being directed by lyricist Krishna Chaitanya is released the other day, and it generated huge curiosity. Within a couple of days, this movie’s first look poster will be released but before that they have come up with a teaser for the first teaser itself.

Seems like, Rohit is dressed in stylish suit and we wonder how the director is calling him rowdy. If we want the answers, we will have to wait till 25th May. Let us see how he impresses as Rowdy Fellow.


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