Roja on the verge of breaking her marriage?


Roja Karthika photosThough they are just rumors,but it is is strongly being speculated that actress turned politician, MLA from YSR Congress Nagiri Roja is planning to break her marriage it seems. Interestingly, Roja hasn’t condemned the rumors so far and hence she is surrounded by wide-spread rumors that she would be “parting ways” with her husband-director Selvamani. The rumors got attention when the news is broke that both Roja and Selvamani are living separately for a while. While Roja is staying in Hyderabad, Selvamani has shifted to Chennai and this led gossip mongers to cook up the rumor.

Contrary to it, the couple are now said to be living happily and are in happy space.
As the rumors are spreading and also as the media is literally chasing to know what is what whenever she appears in public,Roja decided to clarify the things.
Roja has issued a statement stating that she is not seeking divorce from her husband. However, she maintained that both are living separately “only due to” professional commitments and clarified that there is no “trouble” in her marriage life.

The 41-year-old actress turned politician has been married for 23 years and the couple has two children – one daughter and one son.

And now the question is, how did the smoke come out when there isn’t any fire?


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