Robo 2.0 will have only One Song


Kabali - 2016

After wrapping Kabali shoot, Superstar Rajinikanth joined Robo 2.0 shoot. India’s one of the top director Shankar is wielding the megaphone. Presently shooting is going on in Chennai and soon unit will shift it’s base to Delhi. Sources say that 25 days long schedule was planned in Delhi and shooting will take place in one of the cricket stadiums in Delhi.
Now, another source also reveals that there will be only one song in this film. AR Rehman is doing music for this film and background score will be one of the major highlights for this film.
CG Graphics will be visual feast for this action entertainer. Nirav Shah is handling the camera and Lyca Productions banner is producing this highest budget film.
Amy Jackson is doing the female lead and Akshay Kumar as antagonist.
Movie is being made in Tamil and Hindi languages simultaneously. It will be dubbed in Telugu too.

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