It that RGV's confidence or over confidence?


RGV-to-create-a-revolutionary-pathWe all learnt that sensational and controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has a new film distribution structure by putting his latest flick “Anukshanam” for auction, which for the first time happening in the country itself. As per the reports, RGV’s acution gained decent response adn everyone is happy about that. This encouraged both RGV and hero Vishnu,who also got associated with RGV in the business to postpone their “Anukshanam” for a week or so. Both of them are hoping that this gap would encourage more of his fans to bid in the auction.

He also decided to extend the deadline of the closing of the auction by 3 days from 6 pm on 9th august to 6 pm on 12th august to allow the reach even more than what already happened which will enhances chances of his fans to bid conveniently.

He expressed the bid takes transparent process and the bidders will be facilitated well during suction time. RGV will try to provide required publicity for the movie along with its finalized bidders.He thanked all those who bid so far for making this business model such a huge success.


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