RGV open challenge to Raju Ravitej !


RGVRGV is some kind of a person who is admired by millions and equalantly hated across the globe… especially in India. After having lifted Power Star to skies literally and the actor blush with his comments, sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has taken a dig on ISM and Pawan to express how disappointed he is with the actor and his political ideology. Within hours after commenting on Pawan’s ISM and asking for a simpler version of the ISM, RGV rolls over his tongue once again on ISM and the Power Star. This time with non-stop string of tweets, with some really making sense and some reading sensible. Here they go: The first one goes like this : “Luvd pawan’s first speech missed the vizag one and after reading ISM am extremely disturbed with the unimaginably half baked understanding.” His next: “I don’t know Raju ravi tej but as a fan of pawan nd as an absorber of philosophy myself I think pawan is being drastically misled by him.” RGV then follows it up posting: “Am shocked with the amateurish understanding of schopenhauer by Raju ravi tej” And then: “I am shocked tht a guy as intelligent as pawan dint understand dianoetic aspects of immanuel kant which raju tej is so falsely representing” Adding he is a fan of Pawan RGV tweeted immediately: “I am a huge fan of kalyan nd I implore to him that he should not fall prey to ravi tej’s horrendous misrepresentations of philosophies” “Only after reading ISM I realised why effect of vizag was lesser than novotel..its evident tht pawans inherent integrity is being corrupted” “As fan of kalyan nd 2 protect his integrity I challenge Raju Ravi Tej 2 an open debate on ISM on tv 9 on how badly he is misleading kalyan” “I truly wish that P kalyan realises that P kalyan himself is enough nd he doesn’t need ISM’s nd he also doesn’t need unnecessary influences” “For all who are asking I believe that there’s more instinctive wisdom in pawan kalyan himself than in the entire non explanatory book of ISM” “Pawans lines nd expressions speak..He doesn’t need books “I say in one line what others don’t say in whole books”….Friedrich nietzsche” “Best Physical representation of this line is Pawan .The pursuit of only that truth is important which helps u in reaching ur goal..Ayn Rand” “I truly think Pawan dint read Arthur schopenhauer’s “the world as will and idea” and depended upon others misreadings of it” “Pawan’s originality doesn’t nd elementary interpretations of schopenhauer’s metaphysics,kant’s epistemology nd Marx’s dialectic materialism” “Hey Pawan, Bruce Lee said “knowledge shud be used like steps of a ladder ..u shud use thm to climb but u shud not carry them on ur shoulder” “Ur friend shud understand tht yesteryears philosophies hv already bn absorbed into evolution of societies..what’s needed is pure Pawanism” “Pawanism shud b pure nd not get adultrated by mis represented and mis interpreted half baked understandings of second handers” It appears that the eccentric director has definitely read ISM book and knew what he was talking. Pawan’s fans believe that it is about time the actor responds to several of the questions raised by the director and give clarity. It remains to be seen how Pawan will take these stings from RGV! If at all Raju Ravi Tej accepts for RGV’s challenge and appears in media, TRP ratings will hit the sky in no time for sure…..as there won’t be any hottest debates than this for a movie lover.


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