Revathi makes her comeback with "Anukshanam"


Revathi Suresh Menaon Family_86879She was once a most wanted heroine for all the top heroes in Telugu and Tamil. She was exceptionally good at acting,and used to suit any character and used to do complete justice to the characters that she used to pick. She is one and only Revathi. The beautiful actress with expressive eyes and the capability to act well? Well, she was a part of some pretty big films in the 90′s including ‘Gayam’, ‘Rathri’ etc. After many years, she is now making a comeback to cinema.

Revathi will be seen in a crucial role in Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film, ‘Anukshanam’. The actress has been busy with social welfare causes and other stuff throughout these last few years. While she has been making a few sporadic appearances in Tamil and Malayalam films, her last well known Telugu appearance was in ‘Gayam 2′ in 2010.

Revathi is now planning to act regularly in Telugu films if she gets meaningful roles and good offers. As someone with beauty, stature and talent, Revathi would be an asset to our directors and producers. But, are there any directors to make use of this gifted actress to her fullest potential,rather than just limiting her to routine standing wives roles behind the male leads?


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