Those remarks made her serious


Samantha (21)It is definitely not an easy task for the film celebrities, especially heroines to maintain uniqueness in whatever they do in such a highly competitve field. Call it as a competetive spirit, or jealousy, or unethical practice but , all the heorines keep an eye on other heorine’s Hence they try to look better in different costumes time to time better than the rest. But now a days many wonder that what happened to Samantha, hearthrob of South India? Why is she got remarked as a copycat? Read the story.

One of the leading English dailies of Hyderabad has come up with an interesting analysis on sensous beauty Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The report has dissected how Sam is taking clues from Bollywood’s leading beauties like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone when it comes to drawing style statements. This made our hottie furious, and she vented fumes in support of her acts.

Calling that Samantha’s style-book is something directly lifted from Sonam and Deepika’s acts, the leading daily wrote at large about each and every stylish dress worn by Samantha in the recent days. They compared how each dress of her is previously worn by someone else in Bollywood, though they happen to be creations of famous designers like Anamika Khanna and Arpita Mehta. The intention of the article is pretty clear. It accused that Sam’s stylist (we know it is Neeraja Kona) is just lifting ideas from Bollywood’s elite beauties rather coming up with her own palette for the t-town actress. This is something the stylist has to take seriously and make Samantha wear something unique and new.

Reacting on this article, Samantha stated that all these nationwide popular designers make those dresses not for one-celeb but they produce similar pieces of varied colours. ‘Styling is being able to wear a similar outfit or may be the same and putting your spin on it’, she added.

That is ok darling. Why don’t you try for something new? Fresh designs which weren’t used by anyone else in the past? Don’t you have that much talented designers in your circle?


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