That is a real shock to the Superstar


vikrama-simhaWho can guess that ,it gets a poor openings for a Superstar film. Yes, after almost twenty years, Superstar Rajanikanth’s latest flick “Vikramasimha” gets a very poor opening.Which is quite an unusual thing ,say critics. Getting straight to the point, Superstar Rajnikanth has received a huge shock, say it after 20 years, when it comes to entertaining Tollywood audiences. He is not even getting remembered at a time when his flick is hitting silver screens. Check this story.

With ‘Manam’ fever all around, May 23 release ‘Vikramasimha’ hasn’t received big openings in Tollywood. Though there is no proper clarity over the release date of Superstar Rajnikanth’s movie, the makers tried to garner attention through huge TV publicity. But still there is very poor turnout of audiences for Vikramasimha on day one, not more than 35% at many theatres, and many haven’t enjoyed the flick like they enjoy a regular movie of Rajni. None of the songs of this album failed to enthrall music lovers and that is also another big minus for Vikramsimha.

After the stupendous success of ‘Basha’ in 1994, Rajinikanth has no looking back even in Tollywood. Even his flop flicks have run to packed houses during the first week of release. But after 20 years, scene has changed for the super-hero for the first time. Truly shocking isn’t it?

Now it is very interesting to see, how can “Vikramasimha” saves the makers and saves himself from “Manam” tsunami that is wiping all the records in Tollywood at present.


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