Raviteja compromised for NTR?

NTR-RavitejaTill a decade back roughly, we used to witness the clash of few big star’s films releasing on the same date. Even there used to be some exciting atmosphere among the fans. There used to be a healthy competition between the star heroes in those days.But now the scenario has completely changed,as all the top stars are depending on the opening collections only. Hence , everyone is now planning to go for a solo release,making sure that no other star hero’s movie will be released in the same week .
Rabhasa looked like a potential opening-records breaker when it is aimed at August 15th release as there is no big film locking horns with it. Post production delays have finally pushed this flick for August 29th, Vinayaka Chavithi eve, only to create more tensions as Raviteja’s Power is also set to hit theaters on same day.
Considering his relation with NTR, Ravi has anyway became Good Samaritan and decided to postpone his release date to September 5th. That leaves Rabhasa alone and finding as many theatres as possible will be easy now. Ravi expressed openly many times that he is fond of Jr NTR and that would explain everything.
So, now the talk is whether NTR capitalizes on Raviteja’s compromise and sweep all the records at the box office by the time “Power” arrives? Lets see.

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