Ravibabu to direct Rana ?


Ravi babu

Say its aspiration without any proper planning, or say its just the influence of Hollywood films …Ravibabu, who always promises to become a reliable film maker in T-town from time to time is somehow facing tough time these days. Among the name of directors who believe in making a different brand for themselves, Ravi Babu stands first in the list. From the start, Ravi Babu has been focusing on coming up with films which have a different concept and most importantly his taking has been quite different from the mainstream formula.

Ravi babu’s recent outing “Laddu babu” has miserably failed to impress the audience and remains dud at Box Office as usually like his previous films.

Now once again Ravi babu getting ready to check his luck and this time he is all set to work with the handsome hunk Rana for his upcoming venture. The film is produced by prestigious banner Suresh Productions and discussions are going on relating to it.

From starting of his career Ravibabu having good relationship with Suresh productions and he already worked with Suresh productions earlier for films like Allari,Soggadu and Avunu .Undoubtedly, his association with hard working Rana would generate sparks of curiosity in film industry as well as audience alike.

Up to now, Ravibabu is well known for his expertise in handling both thriller and horror genres, as well as love stories, using new faces.We will have to wait and see what Ravi Babu got in store for handsome Rana. If at all Ravibabu fails again to prove himself with this film, undoubtedly it will worsen Ravi’s chances in T-town for sure.


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