Ravi Teja's son to rock in "Kick-2"??


Kick2_Movie_Opening19This is an interesting news that is coming out regarding the recently launched “Kick-2” movie, directed by Surender Reddy. It is learnt that, Mass Raja Raviteja’s son is preparing for the magic. To be more precise, we have to say that ‘Kick’ Kalyan’s son will be enchanting us with his comic acts. That will also make dead hot diva Ileana as an old mother, isn’t it? Check this interesting story.

Much awaited sequel of Tollywood, Kick 2 was officially rolled on floors from yesterday. Despite the sentiment that sequels haven’t yielded good results these days, Surender Reddy and Raviteja are quite confident about the second edition of action comedy. Average show of sequels like Shankardada 2 (Shankardada Jindabad), Arya 2, Chandramukhi 2 (Nagavali) hasn’t deterred them from making Kick 2. So, what is the story of Kick 2 anyway? Is it going to be the continuation of what ‘Kalyan’ did in the past?

‘In this new Kick, son of former Kick will do entertain. Raviteja and Ileana’s son will also grow with fondness towards kick in life and that is what the new story is all about’, a source in the unit revealed. So, get ready for the punch on May 28, 2015. Do not get disheartened to see Ileana as an old mother folks.


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