Rana relieved from "Baahubali"


Rana relieved from BaahubaliHe must of felt…”huh….Thank God ..finally” when he was informed,today is the last day for you for “Baahubali”S. Yes,it must have given a big relief as Rana is reportedly said to be relieved from “Baahubali” . Being an actor, one needs to commit for more or less days to a film depending on the director. When it comes to a director like Rajamouli, lead actors are supposed to give bulk dates. As we have seen Rana and Prabhas mainly who have been working for “Baahubali” since two years almost.

To mimic a 15th century warrior character, Rana has to put on loads of weight by pumping iron rigorously in the gym. Selective diet, specialized training and weight-gain programs made him look like a crazy Hollywood size ‘monster’. But all that is for ‘Ballaladeva’ role he played opposite Baahubali Prabhas. And now that his part of the shoot got wrapped, it seems like Rana has chopped down his Baahubali baggage.

Caught at the shooting spot of Hindi movie ‘Baby’ featuring Akshay Kumar in the lead, Rana looked simple and slim like he was to earlier. His exaggerated muscles are toned and excessive weight is trimmed. Rana plays second lead in Baby and this flick is expected to become a game changer for him in b-town.


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