Ramcharan’s Warning To Kajal!

Mega powerstar Ramcharan Teja who has been maintaining a grim face all the time seems to be keen on spreading the same. At least that’s the feeling a few got when they shared this story. It seems that he has given a friendly word of caution to the saucy seductress Kajal Agarwal. 

It is heard that Charan told Kajal that she looks sexy when she is serious and added that she must not giggle so much whenever she is at public events or social dos. He is believed to have told her that by maintaining that seriously seductive look, she will win more admirers. 

However, admirers of Kajal say that she looks more charming with her energetic and sprightly smiles. They say that sex appeal is written all over her even when she smiles so there is no reason for her to get serious. Well, only time will tell whether Kajal has heeded to Charan’s friendly-warning or not. 

Ramcharan’s Warning To Kajal! 1.00/5 (20.00%)

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