Ram Charan taking special care on Merupu

Mega power star Ram Charan is taking special care for his upcoming film “Merupu” .Merupu has been completed its first schedule of shooting already, but after Orange’s disaster Ram Charan has asked director Dharani to change the script, and now director Dharani has come up with a new script. Finally, Ram Charan Filnalized the script.

So most of the scenes in the Merupu will be re shoot again at first schedule. As per the latest news Ram Charan has underwent foot ball training from Australian coach for this film.

Ram Charan has twitted on his twitter account regarding Merupu script. In his words “Merupu story has been finalized and has come out great. It is a high entertaining commercial movie. Waiting to start shooting. I am so glad to hear that Tollywood strike will be called off with in 2 to 3 days .Cant wait to start shoot”.

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