Rajamouli suprised the reviewers


rajmouliWhat anyone can say anything about cinema if a director of Rajamouli’s stature, other than wrong is wrong and right is right. Because, Tollywood’s ace director S.S. Rajamouli has set some standards in terms of direction in TFI, whose track record is really amazing. He hasn’t seen a flop in his career so far. That it self suggests, his words are to be blindly believed after all. Well, coming to the news …expecting the unexpected is something you expect from ace director Rajamouli on silver screen. But this talented director does that off the screen too, and this time his shock is for movie reviewers.

The other day, much hyped movie Chandamama Kathalu released in theatres and received mixed reviews. Most of the reviewers felt that movie’s concept is new, but execution is bad. Also they commented that production values are not so good and the climax cliched with stuff that never convinces anyone. Contrary to their remarks, Rajamouli has given his own review. ‘Saw Chandamama Kathalu. It is bit slower at times but top notch performances make it worthwhile. Very good photography, production values and climax’, says Rajamouli.

A top director like him likes the climax of the flick, but most review writers felt it is unconvincing. While review writers are stunned by Rajamouli’s mini-review, cine lovers are confused who should be believed. He made it obvious for everyone to re-think of their views . Because, it is a master’s note.


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