Race Gurram Premier Review Report


RACEGURRAM-TOMORROWHere is the report from Prasad Labds: The action entertainer Race Gurram starred by Allu Arjun and Sruthi Hassan have got positive reports from the unit as well as some out sliders.

According to latest reports, Race Gurram is loaded with entertainment, The song ‘Cinema Choopistha Mama’ has reportedly turned out to be a chartbuster for the film, it will be extremely well received by the audience, especially by youngsters and three songs are said to be good on screen.

The first half of the film is said to be good tempo while the second half is bit slow, but entertained is guaranteed. The 20 minutes Brahmi’s hilarious episodes in the film takes the film to new heights. Climax is said to be in the lines of Mahesh babu’s Pokiri film. Overall the movie will be a guarantee Hit film for Allu Arjun, is the talk.


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