He puts an end to "Aagadu" controversy


Deepak-DevSince the superstar Mahesh Babu’s “Aagadu” first teaser released, there has been a controvesy going on social media that is questioning the creativity and genuinity of the ace music composer S.S. Thaman. They say that he must have copied the back ground music from a Malayalam movie “Avatharam”. And few say that, “Avatharam” music director himself has copied from Thaman. What is the truth? Here is the complete story…read on.

As rumors erupted that Thaman copied background score of Aagadu from Malayali flick Avataram, the only way to douse them off is by making the persons involved speak. Otherwise the plagiarism talks holds true at some corners.

Music director Deepak Dev, who scored for Avataram, confirms that his editor has used the sound track of “Aagadu” as a dummy scoring for the trailer. He revealed that his editor has used that track from online and he doesn’t even know that it is the background score of Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu. ‘I’ve not even composed BG score for Avataram yet. Being an enthusiast, our editor used already available tracks online including Aagadu music, to cut the trailer. I’m now aware of it’, says Deepak.

Fans wars have turned ugly with some standing on side of Thaman and others lambasted him with bitter words on social circuits. This is just a trivial thing, but fans overreacted and finally the Mallu music director’s clarity lays rest to every controversy surrounding Aagadu.


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