Puri wanted to produce a film with Bapu?


images (1)Isn’t it so interesting? Of course it is. Puri Jagannadh, a tough competitor for all top directors these days has a very paiful story behind him. He started his career from a low position and reached hights after a lot of hardwork. When he was on a roll giving blockbuster hits like “Idiot”, “Ammananna Tamil ammayi “, “Pokiri”, an interesting incident took place between Puri and the great Bapu. Here is the story…check this out.

Upset with the sudden demise of legendary filmmaker Bapu, ace director Puri Jagan shared his thoughts about the veteran. ‘When I said about producing a film with him as director, Bapu though I was joking’, says Puri, whose Amma Naanna Oh Tamilammayi won appreciation from the iconic Bapu.

After meeting Bapu at a lunch-buffet, Puri Jagan remained as a fan of the director and never revealed who he is. But the big day has come with Bapu himself writing to Tanikella Bharani about the beauty of Amma Naanna Oh Tamilammayi. The legendary director has written a letter to Tanikella, to watch that beautiful flick. For your information, Bapu uses neither mobile phone nor internet, landline is his favorite. Hearing the appreciation through Tanikella, both Puri and Raviteja rushed to Bapu’s home, just to receive another shocker.

‘When I introduced myself as Puri Jagan, director, Bapu got shocked and shot back – You’re a big director in Tollywood, what made you come to me? – he asked’, says Puri, excited by the fact that Bapu appreciated his work. When the young director evinced his interest to produce a film with the veteran, Bapu was quick with his funniest best.

‘Bapu asked – Are you joking? We’ve run out of stories, will you give one? – Bapu and Ramana has thrown jokes on themselves, which none of us could do’, recalls Puri, underlining the fact that it is his second and last meeting with the creative artist and director.

Let us see who else would come up with such interesting facts that are hidden all these years, in the following days.


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