His punch dialogues creating waves in TFI


Govindhudu Andarivadele Audio Launch 05 (61)He never used to talk so aggressively,so passionately. He of course used to exaggerate the things and used to boast about his heroes. But for the first tiem, Bandla Ganesh spoke his hearts out with full emotion on the occasion of “Govindudu Andarivadele” audio release the other day. He uttered few punch dialogues in full flow. Here are the few to mention so.

“Character antey rythu bazaar lo dorikey carrot kaadu. Adhi blood loney vundali’, highlighting the ‘responsible’ attitude of Ram Charan.

“Baavilo padithey eedochu— Cheruvulo padithey vadduku ravochu.. kaani bore lo padinattlu vundi na paristiti”, he avers, about his feelings when Charan cancelled Koratala’s movie halfway.

“Teenmar flop ayithey Gabbar Singh ichadu baabai.. cinema stop ayithey 9 nelalu kaaleega vundi naakey cinema chesadu little boss”, he praised, attributing Charan as a Kohinoor Diamond.

“Stayitho stananamtho sambandam lekunda andarini okela choosey aayaney megastar” “I don’t want any LIC Policy, I’ve ‘Mega’ Policy, and I’ve mega heroes insurance” “Nenu ee stayilo vundataniki karanam powerstar, aah powerstar ki bossey megastar”, Ganesh exaggerates.

These punch lines have given Goosebumps and unlimited fun, but also a doubt that who has scripted them? Is Ganesh really capable of writing such stunning, rhyming and flattering lines for his heroes? If so, we’ve to really appreciate his creative abilities; otherwise we have to pity that writer as Ganesh walked away with credits.


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