Prathinidhi movie review


Star Cast : Nara Rohit, Shubra Aiyappa,
Producer : J Shambasiva Rao
Director : Prasanth Mandava
Music : Sai Karthik
Released on: 25-04-2014

Basic Plot:
“Pratinidhi” ,a representative of a common man. It is all about a common man’s frustration and anguish about the system. A reporter by profession, revolts against the system on behalf of a person who rescues him when Rohit meets with an accident.  He decides to kidnap the CM of the state  in order to get the things done in his favor. He wants to change the system, in the least case, he wants to change the mindset of the common public. He kidnaps the CM who attends to inaugurate an old age home and keeps him as his hostage in the same old age home.
Police offcials keep negotiating with him but Rohit keeps coming up with unusual demands to their suprise. This drama goes on and on between Rohit and cops till the end of the film. Whether police honor kidnapper’s demand , and whether Rohit gets what he wants forms the rest of the story.
Performances:Its good to see Nara Rohit is selective about his projects and appreciably improving in terms of acting from film to film. Rohit has shown some ease in his dialogue delivery and body language . Kota Srinivasa Rao, as Chief Minister has done a decent job. The guy who played Srikar, Rohit’s friend has performed well and he has got that ease . He can become a reliable artist in TFI ahead. Jayaprakash Reddy as Home minister has got nothing new to perform as he has played dirty politician roles in many films. It was a tailor made character for JP.

And Posani as city commissioner was a perfect fit and was successful in portraying comic sense to perfection. Rest of the cast is also good and every one has done their jobs reasonably well. Last but not the least, the heroine Shubhra Ayyappa was just hopeless by her looks and one would find it so difficult to bare her on screen.

Technical Aspects:One person has to be specially mentioned when comes to the technical aspects of the film. And he is none other than the music director Sai Karthik himself. Though there is nothing to talk much about the songs, but BGM is simply good. He really surprised everyone with some stunning stuff right from the starting titles. Through out the film, BGM was in tact.

Nandamuri Hari’s editing is simple and good. Chittibabu’s cinematography is impressive in some scenes,but over all … he got nothing to experiment or showcase his talent in any manner. Lighting looked dull in a couple of night scenes.
Anand Ravi’s dialogues were good in few scenes. He has put some good  efforts in few scenes, especially in the pre climax and climax where, every common man gets connected with the dialogues that are rendered by Nara Rohit.And finally, director Prashanth Madava who is debuting has done a good job in bits and pieces. Second half was little dragged. He has designed many sequences like a debate between few characters, which drives the audience to boredom without any second thought. But one thing has to be appreciated that, he has stuck to the basic story line through out the film and has not deviated an inch from it at any point of time. Climax could have been something different , rather than the routine predictable stuff .

Final Verdict:Watch Pratinidhi for Nara Rohit’s performance, Posani’s comedy and some lovely back ground scores of Sai Karthik. “Pratinidhi” is a definite one time watch.


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