Its Prakash Raj’s version on his latest controversy


Prakash Raj (9)Well, breaking the ice,the versatile actor Prakash Raj has finally opened up his mouth and spoke about the latest controversy he had with a co passenger. He seems to be miffed with all the media reports that have taken a one sided version and irked him to the core . This is what Prakash Raj has got to say. Read on.

According to Prakash Raj, it all started when a guy called Mohan, who was travelling from Hyderabad to Chennai, wanted Prakash Raj to speak to his girlfriend and passed over his phone to Prakash. Prakash said he was just standing there in queue and heard that this guy was speaking to her girlfriend saying, “Do you want to talk to Prakash Raj? You know the guy who is in controversies?” To his surprise, the guy passed over his phone to Prakash and insisted he should talk to the other person on phone once.

Praksh turned down and asked to mind his business. Then this guy Mohan reportedly started abusing Prakash and passed comments like, “You’re (Prakash Raj) arrogant. You deserve all the bad publicity.” Prakash has complained to flight crew. After landing in Chennai, cops arrived at aircraft and took him over. Since he was crying, Prakash didn’t want to take it further but asked security personnel to write him an imposition 1000 times, “I will not involve in fights with others. My parents are the most important.” Prakash asked the security to send the imposition to him. That’s how it ended, going by Prakash versioin of story.

So, Prakash Raj wants to appeal that its not fair to go with one sided version and write all the non-sense without asking for his clarification. He does have a point right?


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