Prakash Raj again into a new controversy


Prakash Raj (2)Here is the news guys . Versatile artiste of South Indian cinema,Prakash Raj is yet again in the news for some obvious reasons. No one has forgotten how big issue it became that he has some difference of opinions with star director Srinu Vytla. And within a month of time, he is again in the news. Read the story.

It is heard that the actor had a major scuffle with a co-passenger on a Chennai bound domestic airplane last night. This is the second time in a month gap for Prakash being involved in a major news-breaker.

Apparently when Prakash Raj boarded a Chennai bound flight the other day at around 8 pm, a co-passenger who sat beside the actor clicked a photo of the actor on his mobile phone. Embarrassed by the co-passenger’s move our star-villain asked him as to why he is clicking his photograph without taking his permission. That led to a war of words and later turned into a brawl with both slapping one another. Only after airplane staff stepped in and solved the issue, the flight has taken off.

Of course, whoever might have slapped whom but clicking the photograph of a celebrity without taking his permission is totally wrong. A celebrity is not an architectural monument where you get sole rights to click it on phone from whichever way one likes.

Celebrities usually get to face such awkward situations very often, but no one would react so wild. But here it is Prakash Raj for you folks, never play with him around,he just can’t tolerate all such stuff. Beaware if any of you get to find him to be your co-passenger anytime on a flight, take his permission and click.


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