Prakash Raj hits back on Srinu Vytla?


12No introduction needs to the controversy that reached peaks between versatile actor Prakash Raj and ace director Srinu Vytla. We have been witnessing what has been happening between the duo since a couple of months now. Earlier, Prakash Raj was first kicked out of Aagadu and there was a demand to take an action against him and ban him permanently from Tollywood. Later Prakash Raj met the press and told that there is some ‘hidden force’ behind all this. Although Prakash Raj didn’t mention his name many felt that he was talking about Srinu Vaitla.

With Srinu Vaitla mocking Prakash Raj’s lines from that press meet in Aagadu everyone got a clear picture about the tiff between them. Prakash Raj wished that Aagadu to be a big hit prior to its release. He didn’t react to the satire thrown on him in the film. But he has hit back at Vaitla indirectly on his twitter page.

Talking about his upcoming release Govindudu Andarivadele, Prakash Raj tweeted “Hi busy n enjoying as KV’s GAV is shaping up. The teams honest work will entertain u for sure.. From oct 1st. Cheers (sic)”. He also tagged a picture message to this tweet reading “Things Money Can’t Buy… 1) Manners 2) Morals 3) Respect 4) Character 5) Common Sense 6) Trust 7) Patience 8) Class 9) Integrity 10) Love.” People are reading between the lines and trolling Srinu Vaitla with this message.

Of course, public have become smart now,and there has been huge buzz being raise that Prakash Raj has targeted Srinu Vytla for his satire on him in “Aagadu” . What do u guys think? Now it would be interesting to see, how would Srinu Vytla react to Prakash Raj’s tweet as it would take another 9-10 months of time for him to make another movie and incorporate any satirical scenes in it to annoy Prakash Raj.


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